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Anonymous asked: Benny how can I get strong and muscular on a budget? Size would be nice, but isn't everything. And I got NO money.


i think it would be amusing if fitness people started looking at protein the way graffiti folks look at paint; if you aren’t racking, you are a total posedawg.  try getting your cardio in by grabbing two tubs of vega and sprinting out of the vitamin shoppe.  

but for real, eat rice and beans, watch videos of lord vital on youtube, and then go to the park and do pull ups until you are scary.




I’m grown but I’m not grown grown

Which means I know how to ride a dick but I’m still not sure how taxes work.

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2014 has been one hell of a weird year.

Starting in January, as soon as we returned from our first extensive tour as a full band, my friends and I began writing a new Lovechild album. As the months moved forward and the winter weather stayed ever present throughout the spring, we all faced mental turmoil on both an individual and collective basis. In an unplanned turn of events, the self-destruction and misery we experienced during the first half of 2014 translated from bottled-up emotions into the songs that make up this record. Migraine Music is something we poured a lot of our own blood and guts into. Migraine Music is quite the personal experience. 

Releasing this album has been just as exhausting as it was to create it, but it will soon be available as a 12” vinyl from the great Mayfly Records and our own new project, 1997 Recordings, as soon as the the plater in NJ sends our stampers to the pressing plant in Ohio.

I’m extremely proud of all of everyone who played a part in the production of this record. Thanks to all of our friends for the support.

Thanks to all of my own friends for sticking around even though I was (and still am) a trainwreck.